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Update on the Process

Hey Holy Trinity I just wanted to give you a quick update on where I am at! I am still currently working and serving at Holy Trinity. You may have noticed that I am still in videos and helping to lead worship/preach on Sunday mornings. Amber and I are still living in the parsonage that is such a wonderful place to be. The house has become very much a "home" as we have spent so much more time there over the course of the pandemic. As a reminder, this is just a chapter, a portion of my education and spiritual process toward rostered ministry in the ELCA. You all will have been a defining moment and time. As such, there is coming a time when Amber and I will move on and move out. In April and May I finished the final parts of the preparatory process towards rostered ministry. I was approved and assigned to Region 8 (which is most of PA, all of MD, and WV) This was exactly where Amber and I hoped we would be assigned. From there it was our preference that we would be assigned to the Upper Susquehanna Synod which is a place we both call home.

From this point I am in conversation with the office of the bishop in the USS (Upper Susquehanna Synod) to find a good fit for a first call. This process could take some time. I will keep you all updated as I know more but for now I will say that there are a few parishes that have been suggested to me and we could be moving forward in a call process in a few weeks. That does not mean that we would disappear in the night without informing you or saying a strong Western PA, "see yah later." You will know. Thankfully if COVID has taught us anything, it is that we are connected in so many ways and distance, although difficult at times is something we can certainly move beyond to be the Body of Christ.

SO, I will continue to let you know what is happening and where we are heading next as I know. For now we are in a holding pattern, waiting for more information.

God's peace to you all in this moment of ever-changing, ever-shifting, ever-reforming.


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