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Thank. You.

In seminary we talked often about good ways to communicate in general, and also to

speak to a specific need. The formula that is illustrated in a book by Charles Lane

called Ask, Thank, Tell, is what I turn to when I first think of stewardship, but also

when a gift if given. With you, Holy Trinity, I feel as if I am perpetually in a state of

giving thanks! Yet another blessing, a gift has been extended to me through the

decision to hire me as an employee in this period of time between the end of

internship and my first call. I cannot say I asked for this, which makes the gift all the

more surprising and wonderful. So, Thank YOU! But now the next step, to tell you

what I will be doing with this gift! Over the next few weeks and months I will be

building a website, a place for us to gather and centralize the information we need

to share in our community. The hope with this is that the site will be easy to manage,

simple to update, and serve as a first contact for new members in the future. On that

webpage will be giving options, sermons, bible studies, and more! In addition I am

working on adapting the Eco-Theology lessons into a digital format along with

activities for younger children to discover new ways to love God’s good earth. I

worked extensively in the early summer and spring on the virtual camp experience

so I urge you to go check that out! We will use that camp experience as our VBS this

year. I look forward to our continued ministry together (although socially distant) in

this time.

God’s Peace,


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